Thursday, May 11, 2017


This is not exactly true, but nevertheless quite funny. Note the initials of the last author!!

Elisha turns 2!

Elisha turned two last weekend. What a milestone. Her big brother celebrated it in style - less than one minute of getting home, he toppled the box with the Peppa Pig cake inside, straight onto the floor. Peppa Pig cake no more.

She was a bit under the weather too, so we didn't end up taking any decent photos!! Dani has her haematology exams in a few weeks. I'm sure we'll look back at this time of our life later on and realise this, in fact, was not all that hard. I've been told sleepless nights as parents are nothing, nothing when compare to having teenagers at home.

We - shall - see.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Runny nose

This is not Elisha.. it's just a photo I got from the net. Elisha is turning 2 very soon, in May, and she's in the middle of a very bad flu. 

It's the usual story, she started going to this big daycare about 3 months ago, and for the past 3 weeks (feels much longer than that...), she has is constant runny nose. She probably did get better.. and then got sick again, poor thing.

End result? I vomited all my lunch on Sunday, my mum was the same.. somehow she managed to kept her food in a little longer, needless to say, she suffered a bit longer too! My poor wife, has been running on 4 instead of 6 cylinders for a few weeks too.

Well, E will grow stronger out of this. Just like her big brother Jonathan, the ONLY seemingly unaffected one in the family, thanks to exposure to two different daycares when he was at E's age!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Family Home

My parents sold their house in Remuera today. They lived there from 1991 till now, a total of 26 years. Arguably the longest time my dad has stayed in any one place. It was our first and only home in NZ. It was renovated before we moved in, then again just before 2000.

I'm not the most sentimental one in the family, but still, it was still a bit sad. I lived at home till I was married in 2009, a good 20 odd years of my life was spent in that house; secondary school, college, medical school, and, as a busy junior doctor. Heaps of memories, numerous parties, including my 21st parties, of course.

My parents are more then ready to move on, however. The house, with 5 rooms, is now truely too big for them. My parents were in their early 40s, grandma, my sister (4), and me (13) when we moved in. Now, Margaret is working in HK, I'm in Melbourne, and, we lost grandma around 2005. I will be turning 40 myself soon!

The house is ready for a new owner, a young family, like ours, back in the days.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Dreams and Reality - La La Land

A few months ago I read how "La La Land" is going to make it big on BBC news - it was right and after watching it today, it did not disappoint.

I will not even try to write a review here since there are tons of very well written ones online already, for example, here, here and here. The one thing on my mind at the end of the movie was that, it was very well done, and yes, I was upset by the ending - who wouldn't? Do we really have to let the realities of life trump our dreams? Did it make a mockery of the moment when the main characters looked each other in the eye and said "I'll always love you"? Is love really that fleeting? or can you love someone that deep down but end up marrying another person? 

I'm also very happy for the team that's behind La La Land. Their collective effort paid off, and it's a movie that is set to be one of the classics.

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Bible Story DVD - 2

My wife doesn't seem to notice I have converted the last DVD to a computer file on youtube... I wondered when she'll find out....

Happy 2017! Brave new world for Jonathan, who'll start kinder properly this year (he started a few months earlier already!), and Elisha, we have a new Day Care lined up for her, opened just late last year, very modern and new.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Bible Story DVD

Finally, after months and months of nagging from my wife, I ripped this video and made it available online. No... it's not because my MacBook (which hasn't got a DVD ROM) was sent for service and I'm stuck with my old gigantic laptop (which has got a DVD ROM.....). It's just coincidence... would she believe me? ^_^

Sunday, December 11, 2016


I'm blessed. Blessed with a family, lovely wife, healthy kids, supportive parents and parents-in-laws, and of course our helpful extended family. What more can I wish for? Yet again I don't count my blessings often enough. In times of difficulties, in times of frustrations, and in times of getting annoyed. 

One's emotion to the outside world is intrinsically linked to one's worldview, which in turn is shaped by one's identity, one's history. It is when you take stock, and reflect, then you gain clarity. For believers, a large part of this can be achieve through prayers. For the rest, meditation and mindfulness.

It's Christmas soon, it's first and foremost about the birth of son of Man. It's time to count our blessings.

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Hello, Mr President

There we go. Mr Trump is the 45th President of the United States. A man with no history of holding any elected post, was elected by the American Public to the highest public office in the Free World. Extraordinary. There is just something not right about this, isn't it?

There is really only one explanation. People are, frustrated. Frustrated with the "establishment". Frustrated with the lack of real progress in income, social mobility, and job security for the average Joe on the street. The gains made in the last 20-30 years of globalisation has fatten the pockets of corporates and executives, but not the average American mums and dads.

Huff Post predicted a 90% chance of a Clinton presidency. The lesson here, don't just listen to/hang out with like minded people. If you know your history, you will not be surprised by how the polls got it so wrong. Remember Literary Digest's poll in 1936....?

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

10 years of blogging

Tomorrow this blog will be 10 years old. I started the blog when I came back from my trip to Argentina. I got myself a decent digital camera (Panasonic LX1) and this blog is to be a place where I will post some of my "creative works".

10 years on, I only changed my camera once! A few years ago I bought a Pentax K30 and am still happily using it. There are of course better ones out there, and indeed, the auto-focus on the Pentax is really a bit sub-par compared to the newer offerings.

Within a few months of writing this blog I met my wife, got married 3 years afterwards and yesterday Jonathan just turned 3, Elisha is just shy of 1.5 years old. I can't imagine, in another 10 years, J will be 13 and E will be 11.5!

What will the internet look like then? I have to say it's pretty amazing that this blogging platform has changed relatively little over all these years and still going strong.

The topical issue for the moment is Donald vs Clinton for the next American presidency. How will I feel when I look back in 10 years time?